The School for Historical Fencing Arts teaches weekly classes in 17th century Dutch Rapier Fencing on Wednesday evenings from 20:00 to 21:30. Our training hall is located in Delft. If you are interested in attending one of our trainings, please contact us for a free trial lesson. If you would like to know more about our classes, or want to be kept up to date about our activities, please contact us as well.

Training location

The School for Historical Fencing Arts trains every week on Wednesday evenings in the gymnastics hall at Raam 20, in Delft. Click here for directions.


To participate in on of our trainings, you require the following materials:
   - A rapier with a blade intended for training (i.e. not too sharp and with a button on the tip). We recommend the rapiers of Darkwood Armory because of their good value for money. A modern fencing épée could be used temporarily.
   - A fencing mask. We advice using a 1600N (competition)mask.

In addition, the following materials are not required, but we do advise using them for extra comfort and safety.
   - A pair of (leather) gloves
   - A cup
   - A chest protector
   - A padded fencing (master's) jacket

We have some equipment to be borrowed by new students.

Private lessons

The School for Historical Fencing Arts now offers private lessons on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. For more information, pricing, or an appointment, please
contact us.

Workshops and Demonstrations

The School for Historical Fencing Arts can teach rapier fencing workshops to groups of students. A demonstration of 17th century rapier fencing or a similar performance can also be negotiated. For more information, please contact us.

Show fight choreography

The School for Historical Fencing Arts can also help you create a historically correct show fight choreography, or develop a complete choreorgraphy to your specifications, for both stage and film. We can perform this choreography for you, or teach it to your actors/stuntmen. Though the SHS specialises in 17th century fighting arts, we possess knowledge about fighting arts from certainly the 12th up to the 18th century. SHS-instructor Reinier van Noort has gained experience participating, both as fight choreographer and as stunt fighter, in several shows and two film projects of the Orde der Noorderwind.

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