Sunday, 10 April 2016
First a (belated) Happy New Year! Life is still keeping me very busy, and keeping this site up to date has proven to be difficult lately. However, a lot has happened, and for those of you following the publication list, you will see that I have been working on new translations and more!

Since my last update here, I have published two (2!) books. First of all, I have finally published an updated version of my translation of Bruchius's Scherm- ofte Wapen-konste: Of the Single Rapier (Fallen Rook publishing, Glasgow, ISBN: 978-0-9926735-8-1). This book not only contains a updated, much better version of the draft translation I first published in 2009, but also a biography containing all my research on Bruchius's life.
Next, I have (finally) published Swordplay: an anonymous illustrated Dutch treatise for fencing with rapier, sword and polearms from 1595, containing a transcription, English translation and interpretation of the anonymous "Schermkunst" manuscript, VAULT Case MS Fol.U.423.792 in the Newberry Library, Chicago. This book was published by Freelance Academy Press (ISBN: 978-1-937439-26-2).
Additionally, I have published a number of articles, with translations, transcriptions, etc.:
- Van Noort, Reinier (2016) Short proof of the single Rapier, a full transcription and English translation, along with interpretation of Pieter Bailly's "Cort Bewijs van t'Rapier alleen".
- Van Noort, Reinier (2015) Pascha's Staff with Two Ends, an English translation of Johann Georg Pascha's "Short instructions how the Staff with Two Ends, that is Hunting Staff, Half Pike or Leaping Pole is actually to be used" (1670).
- Schäfer, Jan and Reinier van Noort (2015) Notes on Thrust-fencing and on Cut-fencing, an English translation of Pages 259r-260v and 285r-286v of Ms. FB Gotha, Chart. B 2117.

Keeping this site going in two languages means double the work writing content. Work I do not have time for anymore. Therefore, I will be decreasing the amount of content going up on the Dutch version of the website. Furthermore, I am considering splitting the site into two separate sites: one site for the S.H.S., which is still going strong, so that the people currently running the school can keep that up to date; and one site as my personal website through which I can continue to publish work, ideas, etc. as I have always been doing.

For those of you who come here interested in rapier fencing lessons, the S.H.S. is still running excellent classes in Delft, as it has been for some years. If you want to come by for a trial lesson, just contact us!

Cheers, and all the best!


Sunday, 12 April 2015
Life in Norway is keeping me busy, and I have not had much time to update the website. I did complete some more documents in the last few months. For an up-to-date list of translations, transcriptions and articles, please visit my publication list. SHS classes on rapier fencing in Delft are continuing as normal.

Saturday, 15 November 2014
It is with more than a little pride that I announce the publication of Lessons on the Thrust, my English translation of Jéann Daniel L'Ange's Deutliche und gründliche Erklärung der Adelichen und Ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst (1664). Click here to (pre-)order this book.

Furthermore, in my last news post I forgot to mention the partial translation of Bondì di Mazo's La Spada Maestra that Matteo Butera, Francesco Lanza and I made, and shared on 24 October 2014. Find it here!

Sunday, 9 November 2014
Perhaps the news section has not been updated in a while, but that does not mean we have been sitting still! I have completed and uploaded two translations to the website. Pascha's Hunting Staff, an English translation of Johann Georg Pascha's "Short instructions how the Hunting staff or Half pike is actually to be used" (1660) was uploaded on 19 October 2014. Today, I uploaded Pascha's Partisan, an English translation of the Partisan chapter of Johann Georg Pascha's "Deutliche Beschreibung Unterschiedener Fahnen-Lectionen, In Acht Spiel eingetheilet / Nebst dem Piquen-Spiel / Pertuisan und halben Piquen / oder Jägerstock" (1673). What's more, soon, Lessons on the Thrust, my English translation of Jéann Daniel L'Ange's Deutliche und gründliche Erklärung der Adelichen und Ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst (1664) will be published. To be kept up to date on this, go and Like the book's facebook page.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014
The SHS rapier classes have started again. Training is weekly, at the same time, in the same place, but with a different instructor. This is your chance to learn an effective system of armed self defense from 17th century Europe!

Furthermore, I would like to present Several pieces of Fencing with the Rapier, an English translation of Ms.germ. Fol. 1476. This is a short German manuscript of a rather fragmentary nature, that seems to present a rapier student's personal notes on classes he followed in Frankfurt on the Oder in the 16th or 17th century.

Saturday, 16 August 2014
I have translated the 1661 edition of Pascha's "Short though clear description treating of fencing on the thrust and cut". This translation, which includes some comparison with the 1666 edition, is now available as a free download here.

However, if you want this very interesting work as a book, or if you want to support me a little for all the work I have been putting out there, you can buy this book here, which includes the same translation and comparison, but also includes the plates of the 1661 edition (which I already made available for free on this website), and further contains my translation of Henning's 1658 treatise "Short though thorough Instruction in Cut-fencing" (also already available online).

This will likely be the last translation I am putting out there for free for a while. With my new work situation, and a few larger translation projects in the pipelines, I do not expect I will be able to present much more work like this in the coming time. However, I do expect to be able to present some further, more professional book projects in the coming months!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Another treatise I managed to photograph during my last visit to the Corble collection in Leuven is Gio Pietro Gorio's "Arte di adoprar la Spada" from 1682. With permission of the Corble Collection of the Leuven University Library these photos are now available in a pdf here.

Friday, 27 June 2014
Changes in the SHS.
SHS founder and main instructor Reinier van Noort is moving to Norway for professional reasons. This is not the end of the SHS in Delft, however. Craig Healey, who has trained with the SHS since 8 March 2011, will take over as instructor, starting after the Summer break. Before training with us, Craig trained in Italian rapier with the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship in England, so he is a very experienced rapierist. More information will appear on these pages in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 1 June 2014
During a visit to the Corble collection in Leuven I have taken photos of "Kurtze iedoch Deutliche Beschreibung handlend von Fechten auff den Stosz und Hieb" (Short though clear description treating of fencing on the thrust and cut), printed in 1661, which is usually ascribed to Johann Georg Pascha, though his name does not appear in this work. Johan Georg Flach is named on the title page. With permission of the Corble Collection of the Leuven University Library these photos are now available in a pdf here.

Monday, 19 May 2014
On 5 and 6 July 2014, I will teach a seminar on rapier fencing in Ljubljana in Slovenia. The title of this seminar is "Crossing the line". During the seminar we will look at the basis of rapier fencing, and how controlling and closing the line is used to remain safe during all actions. In this, Bruchius's "Description" is (of course) the main source. The organisers, Gregor Rozman and Roman and their AAD, have produced this awesome trailer for this seminar. If you are interested in seeing Slovenia, and learning something about rapier fencing, then register now via this site.

Sunday, May 4 2014
I have completed my English translation of Henning's cut-fencing treatise, and this can now be found here.

Monday, April 21 2014
I finally found some time to write down my own thoughts on the International Rapier Seminar. You can find them here.
Next up; sorting through the many many photos...

Friday, April 11 2014
The International Rapier Seminar was a great success. Soon I will write a longer report.

This week in the Corble collection in Leuven, I stumbled upon a small German Cut-fencing treatise from 1658 by Erhardus Henning, with the title "Kurtze jedoch gründliche Unterrichtung vom Hieb-fechten" (Short though thorough Instruction in Cut-fencing). I have completed a transcription, and a translation will follow soon, I hope. The transcription of this rather interesting little work can be found here.

Friday, March 07 2014
Sebastian Heussler was a book printer and a mercenary, who published several books about fencing. Interestingly, in his 1617 treatise he includes a section titled "Keep these pieces recorded after this in mind, so that you can use them for defense when in need (may God prevent this)". A new English translation of this treatise section is now available here.

Friday, February 28 2014
During the International Rapier Seminar on 5 and 6 April in Delft, a Franco-Belgian style rapier tournament will be held. This document contains the rules to be used in that tournament.

Did you know there were still some spaces available in the International Rapier Seminar? Register now!

Saturday, February 15 2014
The International Rapier Seminar, on 5 and 6 April 2014, is now also sponsored by Darkwood Armory, who have sent a very nice prize to give away during the event. Another good reason to come and fight rapier with us.

On a related note, don't forget to register for the IRS this weekend to profit from the reduced registration fee!

Tuesday, February 11 2014
Unfortunately, Hans Jörnlind has had to cancel as instructor at the IRS due to an unforeseen work situation. He sent the following message:

Hello all,
Unfortunately I will not be able to make it for this event, I was really looking forward to come there and teach and train with all of you guys but my work schedule just won't allow it. I'm so sorry, but have fun without me, I know it will be awesome!

While Hans will be missed, we are looking into alternatives right now. And there is always Plan B, which is also great!

Please note that you have only 6 more days to register for the reduced fee of 75 euros - after 17 February the fee goes up to 90 euros. So register for the IRS now!

Sunday, February 2 2014
It is my great pleasure to announce the fifth instructor of the International Rapier Seminar. Thibault Ghesquière will come from Dijon to teach us about the rather serious self-defense techniques of the French master Dancie.

Remaining spaces are limited, but until the 17th of February, you can still register for the reduced fee!

Saturday, February 1 2014
The "Dutch dagger" manuscript has been widely presented in workshops and demonstrations by our colleagues of the AMEK. Recently, the Leiden University Library released new high resolution scans of this awesome little work. This document is my full transcription and English translation of "Vechtboek" BPL 3281, published with the kind permission of Leiden University.

Saturday, January 25 2014
The International Rapier Seminar is now sponsored by Danelli Armouries. They make awesome swords - if you are not familiar with their work, go check out their website.

Additionally, Jan Schäfer and I published our second article on HROARR, containing the second part of our translation of the anonymous manuscript Cod. Guelf. 264.23, on fencing with dagger and rapier. This article also contains some new insights on the identity of the fencing master Hans Wilhelm.

Friday, December 20 2013
I was interviewed by Meg Floyd of HEMA News about the upcoming International Rapier Seminar. You can now read this in both English and Dutch here.

Additionally, Jan Schäfer and I published a new article on HROARR, which contains a partial translation of the anonymous manuscript Cod. Guelf. 264.23 which was written by a student of the Ritterakademie Sorø, and describes the rapier lessons he received from the fencing master there, who was most likely Hans Wilhelm Schöffer von Dietz. You can find this very interesting translation here.

Friday, December 13 2013
Today it is my pleasure to not only announce one, but two excellent instructors who will come to the first International Rapier Seminar in Delft. The first is the famous Hans Jörnlind, from Stockholm. Hans will be offering both beginning and experienced rapierists a look into the Swedish rapier system taught by the Royal Fencing Master Didrik von Porat. One of Didrik's pupils was the Swedish warrior king Charles XII, who was later shot and killed in battle.

The second instructor we are announcing today is the tall Italian, Francesco Lodà of Accademia Romana d'Armi. Francesco has won many tournaments all over the world, and is also known as a great instructor. He will be teaching from his favourite source, Francesco Antonio Marcelli's "Le regole della scherma".

Registration for the International Rapier Seminar has already opened, and spaces are limited so hesitate no longer, and register now!

Sunday, December 8 2013
And we are open! You can now register for the first International Rapier Seminar in Delft. Register now, there are only 40 spaces available! If you register before 17 February you will receive a discount and pay only 75 euro to participate in this event!

David Rawlings teaching Cavendish.
Ton Puey about Destreza.
And at least two more top instructors teaching their Rapier specialty at both a beginner's and experienced level, to be announced in the coming weeks. - It will be awesome and you do not want to miss it!

Friday, December 6 2013
The second instructor for the first International Rapier Seminar, organised by the SHS on 5 and 6 April 2013 in Delft is revealed today. He is none other than the charming Ton Puey of the Asociación Galega de Esgrima Antigua (AGEA), who will be teaching workshops about his interpretation of La Verdadera Destreza.

I have asked this before, so let me ask it again. Do you really want to miss that?

Thursday, December 5 2013
Last year the SHS first gave a Sinterklaas gift to the HEMA community. This year we want to do so again. So here it is: a full set of high resolution photographs of Bondi di Mazo's La Spada Maestra of 1696, shared with the kind permission of the Corble Collection of the Leuven University Library, and with the help of Wiktenauer. Have a great Sinterklaas evening!

Friday, November 29 2013
On 5 and 6 April 2014, the SHS will organise their first International Rapier Seminar. Today we reveal the first of the instructors who will teach classes at this event.

This first instructor is none other than the infamous David Rawlings of the London Longsword Academy. He will teach two classes on Cavendish's Truth of the Sword (c. 1650). Do you really want to miss that?

Tuesday, November 19 2013
The 16th and 17th of November 2013, the indomitable James Marwood visited the SHS to teach a two day seminar on Bartitsu and on modern self defense.

During day 1, Bartitsu, James taught us the basics of fighting with the walking stick, pugilism and some grappling and Jujutsu. Following that, these different parts were integrated into a complete Victorian system of self-defense through various partner drills.

Day 2 was devoted to both psychological and physical aspects of modern self-defense. James started with a presentation, going through how to prevent getting in trouble, how to recognize that trouble is coming your way, how to keep it at a distance, and how to come through violence with minimum damage (of any kind). During the morning, his presentation was interspersed with some training, while the afternoon session was almost exclusively devoted to more training and (generally controlled) violence, through drills with various stress levels.

All in all it was a very intense but satisfying weekend, in which James proved himself to be an insightful and knowledgeable instructor, both in Bartitsu and in self-defense, and a gentleman indeed. Parts of the workshop involved the participants being pushed to uncomfortable places, yet the atmosphere was good and no-one was forced to go where they would not. The result is that we all came out more knowledgeable and at least a little stronger (and also a bit tired). I would highly recommend James Marwood as an instructor in both Bartitsu and modern self-defense.

Thursday, October 31 2013
I have completed an English translation of Le Cabinet d'Escrime de Capitaine Péloquin. This was perhaps the toughest translation I have done so far, but thanks to the excellent suggestions of Olivier Dupuis, I think it has become a good translation that is usable but has preserved the original text for interpretation by the reader.

Friday, October 25 2013
On 5 and 6 April 2014, the SHS is organising the first International Rapier Seminar held in Delft. The website for this fantastic event is now online here. Come back often, because in the coming weeks we will release more information, for instance about the instructors we have lined up for you. If you do not want to miss any news, then join us on Facebook.

Monday, October 14 2013
In addition to rapier fencing and other seventeenth century self-defense art, I have also become interested in the Sidesword of the sixteenth century. One particularly interesting source for sidesword fencing is Dall'Agocchie's 1572 treatise "Dell'Arte di Scrimia". Studying this treatise, I have prepared a "cheat sheet", summarising all Dall Agocchie wrote about fencing with the single sword. This sheet is available here now.

Monday, September 2 2013
It is my pleasure to announce that on 5 and 6 April 2014, the School voor Historische Schermkunsten will host the first International Rapier Seminar in or near Delft in the Netherlands (IRS Delft). During this event, a number of the foremost researchers and instructors of different styles of Rapier fencing will be present and teach a class focusing on unique aspects of their chosen style.
More information will follow!
A Facebook event can be found here.

Saturday, September 21 2013
In recent weeks I have worked together with Keith Farrell and with Rob Runacres. With Keith I have written an article about making translations of historical fencing treatises. This article is available here on the website of Keith.
With Rob I worked on a translation of the first part of "Le Maistre d'Arme Liberal" of Charles Besnard, from 1653. This translation can be found here on Rob's website.

Monday, August 12 2013
One of the targets of the School voor Historische Schermkunsten is making source material regarding historical fencing and fighting arts available. Therefore, I have recently acquired an original copy of a bayonet fighting treatise of the Dutch army published in 1914. A transcription with scans of this booklet are now freely available here.

Sunday, July 28 2013
After I placed my English translation of the second chapter of the Voorschrift voor de Opleiding in het Vechten met de Blanke Wapens (VOVBW - Regulation for the Instruction in Fighting with Bladed Weapons) online, I received a number of requests for an English translation of the remainder of this short treatise. I have made this translation, and this can now be downloaded here.

Wednesday, July 24 2013
For the SHS the Summer break has begun, and so it is time to make plans and preparations for the upcoming year. The year 2013/2014 will be an exciting year for Rapierists and for the SHS, and, as always, this will begin with free introductory classes in rapier fighting in Delft on 4 and 11 September, in our usual training location. For more information, or to register for a free introduction class please contact us.

Saturday, July 13 2013
A few weeks ago, I visited the Corble collection in Leuven, on an invitation by Krist Martens and Bert Gevaert of the Hallebardiers in Brugge. There, I have seen many beautiful fencing treatises, and I have photographed a number of them. The best thing is that I have permission from the Catholic University of Leuven to share these photos. I have now placed the first two sets of photos online. They are the books of M. Regoor, De Schermkunst, eene theoretische en praktische vraagbaak (The Art of Fencing, a theoretical and practical handbook) from 1863 and De Schermkunst voor het volksonderwijs geschikt gemaakt (The Art of Fencing made suitable for public education) from 1866. If you have any questions about these photos, then contact us.

Sunday, June 16 2013
Fabris describes "L'Andare di Risolutione" or "Proceeding with Resolution", a series of special exercises in which the principles of rapier fencing are applied to approach the opponent without stopping or assuming a guard. These applications were also taught, and described, in Germany in the 17th and in the 18th century, and Bruchius also mentions them, as "Camineren". Johann Andreas Schmidt also described the "Caminiren", and I have made an English translation of his description, which can be found here.

This year, in Dijon, I taught a workshop on fencing with the klewang. This workshop was based on the Voorschrift voor de Opleiding in het Vechten met de Blanke Wapens (VOVBW). This workshop will be repeated at Fightcamp, in August. I have translated that piece of the Voorschrift that describes fighting with carbine and klewang in English, and this English translation is now online here.

Friday, May 31 2013
On my way to Sunny Dresden, I have finally found some time to put some photos of my seminar in Bilbao online.

Saturday, May 18 2013
Some time ago, I promised Roger Norling that I would one day write an article for his website, HROARR. Finally, I made good on that promise, and I wrote "A short note on Strengeren, or gaining the blade", which Roger has kindly published here.

Monday, May 6 2013
During the preparations for one of the workshops I am teaching in Dijon this weekend, I have made an English translation of the second part of Johann Andreas Schmidt's "Leib-beschirmende und Feinden Trotz-bietende Fecht-Kunst", first published in 1713. This second part describes Hieb-fechten, or cut-fencing. This translation is now available for all of you, and can be found here.

Monday, April 22 2013
16th century Swordfighting in Rhoon (near Rotterdam)

The School voor Historische Schermkunsten has been providing a weekly class on 17th century Rapier fencing since 2010. We now want to add the Art of Fencing with the 16th century sidesword, as described in for instance the treatises of Dall'Agocchie, Viggiani, Marozzo and Manciolino to our repertoire.
These new classes will be organised on Monday evenings in Rhoon (near Rotterdam, reachable in approximately 20 minutes from Rotterdam centre via Metro line D). This will take place as soon as there is enough interest. Are you interested to learn this historical fencing style? Then let us know, no strings attached, by mailing us, and we will keep you updated about this. Do you know anybody who might be interested, then send them to us!

Thursday, April 4 2013
Last weekend, for the first time, I taught a full day (8 hour) workshop, in Bilbao - according to Bilbaoans the most beautiful city in the World. The workshop went fantastic, and for the rest of the weekend I enjoyed the hospitality of Daniel and Ilune Alba and Eugenio Garcia-Salmones. The tempo with which everything happened was typically Spanish (except during my workshop), and the weekend was Legendary! Shortly, I will place some photos in the gallery.

Furthermore, I have good news for fans of the 19th century mixed martial art Bartitsu. On 16 and 17 November, James Marwood will teach a workshop on Bartitsu (16 November) and modern self-defense (17 November). More information is available here.

Last night, the SHS held its first rapier freefight training session. After the regular training, we all stayed an exra hour to continue with drills aimed at training freefighting. It was a great session! From now on, this extra training will be held every first Wednesday of the month.

Finally, I have added a few new events to the calendar.

Thursday, February 21 2013
During the preparations for the workshop on Thibault, Micha Peters, whom I knew through his artikel about Nicolaes Petter, was interested to write an article about Thibault's Academie de l'Espée. This article appeared in the Dutch national newspaper Trouw on the 24th of January. Micha has placed this article on his website,, where it can now be read by following this link.

In other news, on the 16th of February, I taught a four hour class on Bruchius in the fantastic city portal held by the Hallebardiers in Bruges. I took the 12 excellent students that participated for a deep look into the basics of rapier fencing, and they did a great job in keeping up. I hope to upload some photos of the workshop soon.

Friday, February 1 2013
Last weekend, Dave Rawlings visited the School for Historical Fencing Arts, to bring the fencing art of Girard Thibault\92s Academie de l\92Espée back to life during a two-day seminar, for the first time in the Netherlands since the seventeenth century. 21 historical martial artists, from amongst others Antwerp and Stuttgart, traveled to Delft for a seminar that, to me, was a fantastic experience.

On Saturday, the seminar kicked off with an in-depth introduction to Thibault\92s system. The basic stance was explained, and from this basic stance the first steps in subjecting the opponent\92s blade were executed. After that, we studied various possible reactions the opponent might have to the subjection of his sword, and the correct counter-reactions. On Sunday morning, we started with drawing the sword and assuming the basic stance as shown by Thibault. Next, the techniques and principals studied on Saturday morning were repeated, in order to really let them sink in. This was followed by looking at more possible reactions the opponent might have upon subjecting his sword and approaching. The most prevalent counter-reaction was \93stretch out your arm, and stab him in the face\94. On Sunday afternoon, once the fundaments were in place, there was time to look into some of the more special actions Thibault shows, such as a volta, and a hilt grab.

During the entire seminar, Dave really demonstrated the depth of his research into Thibault\92s system. He really made it clear to us how much focus Thibault puts on aspects that might seem mere details at first glance, but he also showed very clearly why these details can be so incredibly important. Additionally, Dave gave the participants ample opportunity to attempt executing the techniques and principles, and to perfect them, so that the importance of the details could also become clear to us. All participants were very interested, and were willing to work hard to give themselves and their partners the best possible training. At the end of the two days of training, we had all learned a lot about Thibault. I myself have also gathered some ideas with which I hope to improve my own training. So, it was a very good weekend, which undoubtedly did Thibault honour.

The organisation of this fantastic seminar was almost spotless. This would not have been possible without the help of a few people. First of all, Mark Kloeg put a lot of time and effort into designing the T-shirts at the very last moment, and getting them printed in time. Additionally, he arranged the hall, and made reservations at the restaurant. Without Mark, all that would have been so very nice. Saskia Roselaar helped him with this, and I want to further thank her for standing ready and for the coffee on Sunday morning. Of course, the seminar would not have been possible without my good friend Dave Rawlings, and the short time he spent with us, I once again laughed and learned a lot. Finally, I would like to thank all the participants. You made this seminar possible, and your efforts were inspiring. Only minutes after the seminar ended, the hall was even tidier than we found it on Saturday morning, except for a single lost T-shirt. Thanks so much, all of you! Onwards to the next event!

Wednesday, December 5 2012
German Fechtbücher from the 17th century are very interesting to read. The typeset in which they are printed, however, is bad. Hence, as a Sinterklaas gift from the SHS a transcription of Jean Daniel L'Ange's "Deutliche und gründliche Erklärung" from 1664.

Tuesday, November 20 2012
The "Voorschrift voor de opleiding in het vechten met de blanke wapens" (VOVBW - Regulation for the instruction in fighting with bladed weapons) is a short manual on fighting with the klewang and carbine (klewang en karabijn), rifle with bayonet (geweer met bajonet), and carbine with bayonet (karabijn met bajonet), published in the Dutch East Indies in 1937. It describes how troops with those armaments were trained to fight against indigenous troops that could be armed with any kind of weapons. Especially the use of the klewang, a short sabre or cutlass, is very interesting. A transcription of the VOVBW, including all photographs from the original book, is now available here.

Saturday, November 17 2012
The School for Historical Fencing Arts now also offers private lessons! Private lessons can be held on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, on a location of your choice. For more information, or an appointment, please contact us. If you leave your phone number, we will call you back.

Also, you can still register for the two day workshop on Thibault with Dave Rawlings.

Monday, October 22 2012
You can now register for the two day workshop on Thibault that the School for Historical Fencing Arts organises together with the London Longsword Academy. For more information, go here.

Saturday, September 15 2012
Together with the London Longsword Academy, the School for Historical Fencing Arts is organising a fantastic opportunity to experience the fencing art of Girard Thibault, as described in his "Academie de l'Espée" in the Netherlands for the first time in centuries. In 1671, Bruchius already wrote the following about Thibault's work: "presently the manner of Circle-fighting, that he verbosely describes in it, has fallen out of use in these Days, because of the difficulty of it, and also because now nobody wants to spend that much time on it (as the Old Lovers did do for it), which is to be lamented". However, we are bringing David Rawlings to the Netherlands, to show us that the base of Thibault's system is simple and logical, and that it can be learned by anybody! During a 1- or 2-day workshop (depending on interest), Thibault's rapier fencing will come to live again.

For more information about the workshop, read this announcement, or contact us. Interested? Let us know, with any obligation, so that we can take that into account in our planning!

Saturday, September 1 2012
It is coming, the new season which will start with free introduction training sessions on 5 and 12 September! Sign up via our e-mail address, and train with us!

Thursday, August 23 2012
This weekend (25 and 26 August) we will be doing a Demo and workshops on Rapier Fighting in the Archeon. Zwaard en Steen will be there doing the same on Medieval Martial Arts. Come see this!

Monday, July 23 2012
The illustrated transcription of Bruchius that I made and printed for myself to use during classes and workshops has been falling apart for some time now, and I really needed to replace it. Therefore, I figured I would try and see what Lulu could do for me. While working on Lulu, I thought I might as well share this work with the rest of you! So, go here and get your copy!

Monday, July 9 2012
The weekly SHS training sessions in Delft will continue until the end of July. We will then take a Summer break throughout August, and will start again with renewed energy in September. And we will start right away with two free introductory training sessions in Rapier fighting, on Wednesday 5 and Wednesday 12 September. Furthermore, I soon hope to be able to make some more exciting announcements, so keep following this site and our Facebook page!

By the way, don't forget to check our photo gallery, in which I placed some photos of the workshop on Pieter Bailly during the 10-year anniversary of Zwaard en Steen.

Sunday, May 27 2012
I have updated our website as, starting last Wednesday, we are now teaching a weekly class in rapier fighting in Delft. If you have missed the introductory classes, you can still enroll! Just contact us, as usual.

Additionally, I have finally placed the photos of the workshop I taught in Vienna last February during Dreynevent in our photo gallery.

Wednesday, April 4 2012
The Free Introductory classes in Bruchius's Art of Rapier fencing are coming! Fight with us in Delft on 9 and 16 May! Following on the 16th we will teach a weekly class in the same place, at the same time. Do you want to know more, or register? Then contact us! See you there!

Sunday, March 18 2012
Early May I will start teaching Bruchius's Rapier fencing art in a new facility in Delft. At the moment, not all has been arranged yet, but hopefully it will all be fixed over the next week. If you want to be kept up to date on this, then do the following. Like the SHS on facebook, make this website your homepage, and contact us!
Furthermore, it is now official that I will teach some workshops and will judge some competitions during the 3rd World Wide Open Longsword and Rapier Championship 2012, this Summer in Germany.

Sunday, March 4 2012
ch I have rewritten Bruchius's biography on this website, and added new information. You can read the new, improved, extended version here.

Saturday, February 18 2012
And another event has passed. Dreynevent 2012 was a fantastic event, with an outstanding atmosphere and interesting workshops. Soon I will place some photos of the event and of the workshop I taught there in the photo gallery on our website.

Sunday, January 15 2012
Because of my recent move to Rhoon, I am trying to find out whether there is an interest in rapier fencing in the Rotterdam or Delft area. Are you interested in practicing the Noble and Knightly Fencing or Weapon-Art? Then tell us, by contacting us!

Saturday, December 31 2011
2011 - A year of great change

Though I am usually not prone to reviewing past years as I will do here, 2011 does warrant such retrospection. For me, 2011 has been a fantastic year, in which some very major changes took place, and great things happened, as you will see if you continue to read.

As most of you will already know, on the first of April 2011 my contract as a Post-Doc with the Utrecht University Department of Earth Sciences ended. I have spent more than 12,5 years at Utrecht University, - first as a student, then as a PhD-student, and finally as a Post-doctoral researcher. These years have been fantastic, and in those years I learned an amazing lot, about Geology, Materials Science and about Life in General, but it was also the right time to leave. Though it took a lot of deliberation, a research opportunity in the USA falling through finally led me to make the decision to find a steady job in commercial research, rather than an uncertain, temporal one in Academic research. Therefore, I found a job in Applied Concrete Research at ENCI (First Netherlands Cement Industry) in Rotterdam, and started working there on the first of July.

Working in Rotterdam also meant that we needed to move house. Though Veya and I started searching right away in July, and found a house in the same month, it took us until October to arrange everything, and receive the keys to our new house. We were both fed up with living in an apartment near (almost over) the A28, and longed for a nice house, with a garden, in a quiet town with good connection to the public transport network. We found just this house in Rhoon, and moved in in the middle of December, though we are currently still working hard to fix our house up.

Historical European Martial Arts - HEMA
In 2010, due to various issues, I decided to leave the showfighting group that I was part of, in order to focus exclusively on HEMA, and my own interests therein. In 2011 this decision started to pay off. The School voor Historische Schermkunsten is slowly growing, and my knowledge and understanding of rapier fencing is rapidly increasing. Additionally, I had the opportunity to teach Dutch rapier fencing arts at three of the four major yearly HEMA-events in Europe (at the HEMAC gathering in Dijon, at Fightcamp, and at Swordfish in Goteborg), where I met with fellow-researchers and students and instructors. I even participated in the Dijon Rapier tournament, where out of 32 participants I reached the semi-finals, and won the prize for best fighting technique (a beautiful dagger provided by the tournament organiser Scott Wilson of Darkwood Armory).

I saved the biggest, and most important events for last, though. On the sixth of June 2011 Veya and I celebrated the five-year anniversary of our marriage. Then, in mid-August, Veya woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that she is pregnant. As we had decided not to have children, this was quite a surprise, but it did not take us long at all to decide to keep our baby. Now we are happily expecting the birth of our baby early in April.

After such a fantastic year, 2012 promises to be even better! I am looking forwards to learning more about cement and the properties of concrete, both through my work and the courses that I am following.
Veya and I will continue working on our house, and then our garden, building and enjoying our new Home.
Furthermore, in February I will have the opportunity to attend and teach at yet another HEMA gathering in Vienna, where I have never been before, and then in August the World Championships will be held again in Apelern.
Thus 2012 will provide ample opportunity for improving my understanding of rapier fencing, and other Historical European Martial Arts. Unfortunately, I will have to move my training location away from Zeist, to a location closer to my current residence.
Most importantly, however, around early April Veya and I will finally meet our child. How amazing will that be!

2011 was a fantastic and exciting year, and 2012 promises to be even more so!

Wednesday, November 30 2011
Reinier van Noort of the School voor Historische Schermkunsten appeared on Klokhuis last Thursday. "Klokhuis" (apple core) is a Dutch educational TV program for children. The episode in which Reinier appeared was about knights in the time of Floris V (late thirteenth century). The very nice (though Dutch) episode of Klokhuis can be viewed here.

Sunday, October 30 2011
Earlier this year, on June the 25th to be exact, Axel and I travelled down to Krefeld Linn to attend the Mittsommerfechten event organised by Der Fechtsaal, and to teach a workshop there on the similarities between fencing with a rapier and with a pike. Der Fechtsaal has now uploaeded this video as a report of this fantastic event. In addition, of course, you can also visit our gallery to see more photos of the event.

Tuesday, October 4 2011
Recently, I found a blog post about Johannes Georgius Bruchius on Jan Schäfer's Fechtgeschichte blog. What really excited me about this blog post is that it mentions a student of Bruchius; Johann Andreas Schmidt. According to the Nürnbergisches Gelehrten-Lexicon (Band 7, Seite 88) Schmidt studied with a fencing master by the name of Johan Georg Bruch, in Amsterdamm. Furthermore, Johann Andreas Schmidt wrote his own treatise on fencing - Leib-beschirmende und Feinden Trotz-bietende Fecht-Kunst, which was first published in Nürnberg in 1713. A comparison of this treatise with the treatise of Bruchius, shows a great similarity in content, structure and writing and fencing style, strongly suggesting that Schmidt had Bruchius's treatise under hand while writing his own.
However, what makes this really exciting, is that Johann Andreas Schmidt includes some of the aspects of the fencing arts that Bruchius said he would describe in a later book that, if it exists, has not yet surfaced. Particularly, Schmidt's treatise contains sections on cut-fencing and Camineren ('proceeding with resolution'). I am currently going through Schmidt's treatise in more detail, to see how it can improve my understanding of Bruchius's fencing system.
In addition to finding another source for Bruchius's fencing system, the above information also suggests that Bruchius may have moved to Amsterdam some time after publication of his treatise, in Leiden in 1671. A search on Google books shows that in 1676 Bruchius's treatise was re-published in Amsterdam by Daniel van den Dalen, which may support this suggestion.
Also of interest is the fencing treatise written by Jean Daniel L'Ange. This book was published in Heidelberg in 1664, where Bruchius taught from 1653 until 1655, when he was called to Utrecht. Again, a comparison with Bruchius fencing style and lessons described show great similarity. Furthermore, the title of L'Ange's treatise \96 Deutliche und gründliche Erklärung der Adelichen und Ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst \96 is almost the same as the title of Bruchius's treatise. L'Ange's treatise was republished in Düsseldorf in 1708, by Charle L'Ange.

Sunday, September 4 2011
I have made a selection of the photos taken during Fightcamp 2011, where I taught a class on Pieter Bailly's Rapier fencing manuscript, and uploaded this selection to our photo gallery.

Wednesday, August 24 2011
We have returned from Fightcamp. It was a fantastic event, in part because the weather cooperated this year, for a change!
This also means that it is almost time for the free introduction classes in rapier fencing on September the 6th and 13th! If you haven't registered for this yet, then take the opportunity now! Just send an email containing your name and on which date you would like to participate (you can come both days!).
After the introduction classes the event Rapier 2011 is fast approaching. If you are interested in self defense or duelling with a Rapier, then this is the event of 2011 to attend!

Sunday, July 24 2011
Axel and I went to Mittsommerfechten 2011 where he assisted me in teaching a workshop on the similarities between rapier fencing and pike fencing. We had a great time at this small event, with interesting classes and enthusiastic people. I have uploaded some photos taken during the event by Karen Schmidt and Sonja Bergermann. Go check out our gallery to see those photos!

Wednesday, June 29 2011
I asked Derek Wassom to make some photos of the workshop I taught at HEMAC Dijon X last May. He, and other photographers at the event, took so many pictures that it was not until now that I finally managed to select some to put in the photo gallery here on our website. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 08 2011
I have expanded our website with a calendar page. On this page you can see our past activities. More importantly, it shows our upcoming activities as well, so you can find out where and when to meet us next! If you don't want to use the link in this bit of text to go to our new calendar, then use the link in the menu on the left side of this page.

Tuesday, May 31 2011
Over the next few months, Reinier van Noort will be representing the School voor Historische Schermkunsten (School for Historical Fencing Arts) and teaching classes at the following Historical European Martial Arts events:

25 June - Mittsommerfechten '11 - Krefeld Linn (D) - Der Fechtsaal
19-21 August - Fightcamp - The Grange, Balsall Common (UK) - Schola Gladiatoria
24-25 September - Rapier 2011 - Aldershot (UK)

At these events, he will be teaching classes on the similarities between rapier fencing and fencing with pikes, the rapier fencing art as described by Pieter Bailly, and differences between the late 17th century rapier fencing art of Bruchius and early 17th century Italian rapier fencing.

Wednesday, May 11 2011
We have returned in the Netherlands after a long weekend in Dijon, where the tenth annual HEMAC-meeting was held from 5 to 8 May. It was a fantastic event, with a very wide selection of excellent workshops, great instructors, interesting discussions and more. During the event, Reinier taught a workshop on the rapier fencing manuscript of Pieter Bailly, and this workshop went well.
In addition to all these activities, three tournaments were organised as part of the event. On behalf of the SHS Reinier van Noort participated in the rapier tournament, and he made it to the semi finales, even though he was one of the few participants fencing without a dagger or other companion weapon. Furthermore, he also won a prize for showing the best rapier fencing technique!
In short, HEMAC Dijon X 2011 was a great, and fantastic experience. We would like to once more thank Fabrice Cognot, and De Taille et d'Estoc for al the work that they put in the organisation. Shortly, a selection of photos will appear on the website. Hopefully, there will also be some videos of the tournament.

Sunday, April 24 2011
As you may have noticed on the SHS Facebook page, I have recently been busy designing a logo for the School. I have now uploaded the resulting new logo onto the SHS website, where it has replaced the old, temporary logo.
"And there was much rejoicing."

Saturday, April 09 2011
In 1877 Christiaan Siebenhaar published "Wenken en Aanwijzingen voor den Onderwijzer in de Schermkunst" ("Leads and Directions for the Instructor in Fencing"). This is a short addition to his "Handleiding", in which he mainly describes extra exercises to prepare students for fencing. I have made a transcription of this short booklet, and this transcription can be found here.

Thursday, February 10 2011
1858 saw the publication of Christiaan Siebenhaar's "Handleiding voor het Onderwijs in de Schermkunst" ("Manual for the Education in Fencing"). In this manual, he described the basis of fencing with the dueling sword (foil), sabre, long stick, short stick and the rifle (with bayonet), and provided a number of solo and/or partner drills for each weapon. Through this book, modern fencers consider Siebenhaar to be the founder of the "Dutch Fencing School". I have made a transcription of the third improved printing of Siebenhaar's "Handleiding", and this transcription is now available here. The .pdf also contains photos of the illustrations placed at the end of the book.

Friday, January 28 2011
I've finally had the opportunity to place some photos of the workshops given during Swordfish in Göteborg (held on 5-7 november 2010) online. They can now be found in our gallery.

Wednesday, January 5 2011
On Tuesday January 5, 2010, precisely one year ago today, the first training session of the School voor Historische Schermkunsten took place. Today is therefore a good moment to look back and see what we have achieved since then. I am looking forward to seeing what we will achieve during the coming year!

Friday, December 24 2010
Dear Fencers and others,

First of all, I'd like to wish you all merry Holidays-of-your-own-choice. Additionally, I wish you all all the best for 2011. I hope that it will be a fantastic year for all of us, in which we can improve our fencing, and in which each of us will find his or her own happiness. I am looking forward to the training sessions and to the other things that will come in 2011!

With a friendly greeting,


Friday, November 12 2010
Last weekend, Swordfish 2010 was organised by the GHFS (Göteborgs Historiska F\E4ktskola). I attended this event to teach two classes, in sickle fighting (together with Youval Kuipers), and in rapier disarm, and to act as a judge for some of the tournaments. Like last year, this year's Swordfish was an intens event, with a good atmosphere, and it was a great opportunity to meet colleagues, and discuss HEMA. When photos become available, I will place a selection in the gallery!

Sunday, September 26 2010
"Dichiaratione per intendere le ragioni sopra le quali é fondata la scientia della spada." (1600-1608) is an anonymous manuscript that was also once part of the personal collection of Prince Maurits, and which is now kept in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library) in The Hague. The 150 folio, illustrated manuscript is an abridged version of Salvator Fabris's "Lo Schermo, overo Scienza D'Arme". I have made a transcription of it, and placed this on our website here.

Thursday, September 16 2010
The introduction training sessions have come and gone, and from now on we will proceed with our regular weekly training. If you are interested in training with us, then you are welcome to come by. Please contact us first, though. In addition, I have placed a number of photos of last Tuesday's introduction training in the gallery.

Monday, August 30 2010
We have returned from our vacation, and from Fightcamp 2010. Once again, Fightcamp was a fantastic event, with good workshops, great fights, and interesting conversations. Together with Youval, I taught a workshop on Sickle Fighting, and I myself taught a workshop on Disarms in Rapier Fencing from Bruchius, Fabris, Thibault and others. Both workshops were very well received. A small number of photos of Fightcamp can be found in the SHS-gallery. On to Swordfish, but first of course the introduction classes!

Saturday, July 17 2010
I have transcribed two books, and have published these new transcriptions online. Both "Klare Onderrichtinge der voortreffelijcke Worstel-konst", written by Nicolaes Petter and published in 1674, and a French translation of this work, "L'Academie de l'admirable Art de la Lutte", published in Leiden in 1712, are now available online via the sources page.

Monday, July 5 2010
The dates of the introduction training sessions are now known. The free, open introduction trainings will take place on the 7th and the 14th of September 2010, in our training facility in Zeist. The address and more information can be found here. If you have any questions, or if you want to register for the free introduction training, please email us. (See contact page.)

Monday, June 7 2010
The travel arrangements have been made, and this Summer, at Fightcamp in the UK, Reinier will teach a workshop on certain aspects of Bruchius's Fencing Arts. If you want to know more, you'll have to be there!

Friday, May 28 2010
The long-awaited photos of the AMEK (EMCA) Open Easter Tournament, made by Rainer Keizer (and sombody else), have finally arrived! I have placed a number of photos of the rapier fencing workshop I taught there in our new photo gallery. The other photos of the event can be found here.

Monday, May 17 2010
For some time now I have been working together with Youval Kuipers from Noorderwind on interpreting Paulus Hector Mair's sickle fighting techniques. The text we've been using for this is a Dutch translation, made by Saskia Roselaar and myself, of Mair's De Arte Athletica (BSB Cod.icon. 393(1)), which was written in Latin. Together with Saskia I have made an English translation of this translation, and this is now available online here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, Mei 12 2010
HEMAC Dijon has come and gone. This year it was a fantastic event, as always, with instructive workshops, cool demos, interesting discussions, and lots of chatting. The workshop and demo in sickle fighting that I presented with Youval Kuipers of Noorderwind were received well. Especially the spray of blood coming from my finger was very spectaculair, I have been told. Between all this, I have found a lot of time to spar with the other participants, using a wide range of weapons. To conclude, it was a fantastic event, again.

Wednesdag, April 28 2010
HEMAC Dijon is coming! One of the largest international events about Historical Fencing Arts. I will be going there to teach a workshop, and to give a demonstration, both together with Youval Kuipers, and both on Paulus Hector Mair's Sickle Fighting techniques.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010
We are (partly) online! Huzzah!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Yesterday, even before the website is online, I taught an improvised workshop rapier fencing at the open Easter tournament organised by the AMEK. Despite the lack of preparation, and the use of sticks as rapiers, this went quite well, and the workshop was well-received. Photos were made during the event, and as soon as I receive them, I will place them here.

Sunday, April 04, 2010
I created the news frame today, in which to place news messages and other announcements. The next announcement will be the opening of this website online!

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